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My name is Carol Kandell and I am a Healing Artist. A HeARTist if you like.

I am originally from the United States (NJ) and lived in CA for 20 years before moving to the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand 8 years ago.


 I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist and Mindful Sexuality Coach with a BA in psychology. I also received my certification as a Himalayan kundalini yoga teacher in Rishikesh two years ago. But more fundamental to who I am  than these credentials imply, is my commitment to growth, evolution, connectionexpansion and service in every area of my life. 


When Covid struck our little island, my tourist reliant, hands-on healing work came to a halt.  It was then that I started dabbling in orgonite making.

 Art has always been a passion of mine, as has healing work.  

I now have the privilege of blending the two as I craft these little healing art pieces to share with the world!  

I chose the name "Powered by Grace" for two important reasons.

The first is that my mom's name is Grace.  She's one of my most significant reflections in this lifetime and one of my greatest teachers.

She's also the source of  my creativity gene  :)

Thanks, Mom!! <3


The second is because I feel my life IS Powered by Grace.

Divine Grace.  

Each of my pieces is infused with love and good intentions for the recipient.  I bathe the curing pieces in 528 Hz music, charge them in sunlight and moonlight so that they are vibrating at the highest frequency possible.

My recovery line (especially the God Boxes) are intended to connect with more of my brothers and sisters out there; some recovering, some still in need of a solution, and provide them with a tool that has been integral to me on my journey.  The idea is to write down on a slip of paper anything that feels too heavy to carry alone, place it in the box and LET IT GO. Divine alchemy.

 To speak a bit about orgonite...

We are bombarded by electromagnetic pollution as 5G rolls out worldwide.  These frequencies are damaging to our cells, as we are sensitive, electromagnetic creatures!


Wilhelm Reich, a scientist in the 1930's discovered the orgone---which can also be called prana, chi, life-force energy--- and figured out how to harness this unit of energy by layering organic and inorganic materials and pressurizing them.  In this case, crystals and metal inside resin. 

 The end result is a harmonizer (orgonite) that is able to transform the damaging wireless fields of energy that come from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, internet routers and televisions into beneficial energy for you, your plants and your pets.

I'm passionate about making pieces that inspire, bring hope, make people laugh or remind them of something close to home. 

One of my favorite things to do is to make personalized, custom pieces for my clients, taking their jewellery, family heirlooms and sometimes even ashes from a beloved pet or family member and swirling them into a bespoke piece that has deep meaning for them.  They then become not only beautiful pieces of art that cleanse environmental pollution, but also sentimental treasures.



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