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Dear Customer,

There are three options for payment :


Option #1:

My preferred method of payment is ( ). This is a money transfer system which is safe, easy and efficient. I find it the best way to transfer money internationally from bank to bank.


Please find my bank details for Wise below :


Bank account owner name : Carol Ann Kandell

Bank name : Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd 

Bank address : 129/19 Moo 1 Big C, Thawi Rat Phakdi Road

City: Koh Samui

Postal code: 84140

Bank Account #: 6250240733

Swift Code: BKKBTHBK

Phone: +66 98 681 8890


Option #2:

You may make an international bank transfer using your company of choice.


Option #3:

PayPal. My email is


Wise is a safe and inexpensive way to send money abroad.  They convert 54 different currencies with current exchange rate conversions. Banks often hide fees in their exchange rate, but Wise does not.  They use 2-factor authentication to protect you and your account and transactions. They are committed to keeping your personal data safe and are transparent in how they collect, process and store it.  

It just takes a few minutes to sign up and once you're in, you can use your account for countless international transfers with ease.


Once your purchase has been completed successfully, I will send you an email letting you know when to expect your order to be mailed. 

Payment Methods
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