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This chunky heart is graced with a tiny dancer pointing to the things of importance. Kindness, compassion, courage, gratitude, freedom among other attributes that make our world a better place.


She’s backed by the biggest chunk of labradorite for clear and healthy communication. She’s surrounded by peridot which alleviates jealousy and resentment and opens the heart to JOY and new relationships. There’s also clear quartz, the most powerful healing stone, shungite which boosts the regenerative ability of human tissue and influences the exchange of neurotransmitters which can improve our resistance to stress and a beautiful seashell from the beach here in Thailand.


I feel grounded when I hold this one. The piezoelectric charge is strong. Packed with love. She can be easily made into a God Box or simply hand held.


Each piece comes with a hand-written “birth certificate" describing orgonite, the stones inside and their properties. It also comes with a linen gift bag. 


This can be placed near your electronics to protect from EMF's or put into the lid of a God Box. 

Compassionate Dancer

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