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This lovely little goddess sits in lotus position with praying hands posture surrounded by crystals surrounded by seashells. She was hand-crafted with LOVE and the following stones with the following properties:

Amethyst: A natural tranquillizer; soothes irritability; alleviates sadness and grief

Rose Quartz: the stone of unconditional love; restores trust and harmony in relationships; purifies and opens the heart

Moonstone: The stone of new beginnings

Pearl: signifies faith, charity, innocence and integrity; helps to focus attention


This is not just a beautiful, original piece of art, it's also an alchemical tool into which you may surrender your worries and wishes. When something feels too heavy to carry alone, simply write it down on one of the little hand-burned slips of paper and LET IT GO into the box.  


Each box comes with a starter kit of brown paper with hand-burned edges, a card explaining how to use the box and a "birth certificate" listing the stones inside and their specific healing properties.


During the multi-stage creation process, I bathe the curing pieces in high frequency music, charge the crystals in both sunlight and moonlight, and set intentions for the well-being of the recipient.


They really ARE made with LOVE!!! 


Goddess Box

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