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This powerful pyramid features Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity and abundance as well as power, beauty and fertility at its center. 


She is surrounded by layers of quartz crystals, metal and shells from the beaches in Thailand.  These layers of organic and inorganic material make this piece a powerful protector from EMF's/5G frequencies.  


Smoky quartz surrounded by a spiral of copper wire gently neutralizes negative emotions and brings balance to the nervous system while emitting a grounding energy.  Rose quartz, the stone of universal love is present as well as strawberry quartz, another heart chakra stone said to attract one's soulmate. Clear quartz also makes an appearance as the most powerful healing stone. Moonstone at the tip calls in new beginnings.


Place this one near your laptop or modem for beauty and EMF protection.  



8 inches (20 cm) tall

6-1/2 inches (16 cm) wide


Lakshmi Pyramid

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