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This soft little guardian angel is here to protect and guide. She is made with love and the following stones with the following properties...


Rose Quartz: the stone of unconditional love; restores trust and harmony in relationships; purifies and opens the heart

Spinel: a stone of revitalization; energizing; can bring inspiration and new ways of thinking.

Strawberry Quartz: Helps to attract one's soulmate; amplifies, radiates and attracts love

Moonstone: the stone of new beginnings

Jasper: promotes clarity in decision making 

Opal: enhances optimism and increases a sense of self worth and self esteem. 


Each box comes with a hand-written “birth certificate" describing orgonite, the stones inside and their properties;  hand burned "starter paper" and instructions on how to use the box for maximum benefit. :)

Pink Guardian Angel

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